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Ekaterina Campbell, Russian Interpreter Dubai


Born and raised in Moscow in a family of Soviet intelligencia, Ekaterina graduated from Lomonosov's State University. After graduation, she moves to California  to study Fine Art at UCLA. it was then, when she discovered a knack for interpreting. A couple of gigs to make extra cash turned into her profession.  Having worked successfully in the US, Russia and the UAE as a Russian-English conference interpreter, specializing in oil and gas, financial, legal, medical , F&B  and other topics,  Ekaterina has more than 15 years experience in interpreting as well as in managing different scale interpreting projects. 

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A Member of American Translators Association

Example of technical translation (oil and gas topic)



David Howard


David has managed a number of successful operations in Canada, UK, Europe, Russia, UAE and other MENA countries. He is responsible for operational strategy and business management. 


Elena Soina

Dedicated professional with a true knack for business administration and customer service, Elena has worked in Russia and the UAE. She is responsible for organisational and scheduling part of the business. To book an interpreter contact:

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