Complete conference interpreting solution: equipment set up and interpreters. Our Arabic, Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish and other language interpreters are the best on the market.  We also provide interpreting solutions in other languages. Our elaborate network of skilful interpreters and translators serves as a precise mechanism to garnish all you language assistance needs.  Last minute complex orders.

World Class Events

Interpreting during world class events, multi language pairs, sign language interpreters, complex project plans, flexible and adaptable, high professional standards.


Interpreting during a conference requires two or more interpreters for each language pair, and interpreting equipment. Interpreters speak in a microphone with a delay of just a few seconds after a speaker. Since it’s a very mentally involved exercise, an interpreter swaps with a partner every 20-30 minutes. This type of translation is called simultaneous.

sign language interpreters

Sign language interpreters for hearing impaired participants. In line with the vision of UAE leadership  - to build an inclusive society, we would like to provide services for everybody to make sure no-one is left behind.

business meetings

A business meeting may require a translator from time to time. It is important for a smooth dialogue and uninterrupted business process. This setting usually calls for consecutive interpretation, which usually requires just one interpreter per event. We will provide you with the best Russian-English interpreter in Dubai. We can also arrange interpreters in other language pairs: Russian-French, Arabic-Russian, French-English, Arabic-English, Italian-English, Chinese-English etc.

corporate training

Business trainings is a very common form of best practices. However, often lack of understanding from participants in multicultural teams may create a major obsticle on the way of sucessfull completion of the whole venue. No probelm, Russian-English interpreter to the rescue. This type of exersice usually requires consecutive type of translation and calls for one interpreter. Russian-English interpreter Dubai

written translation

Our Russian-English, Arabic-English, Spanish-English, French-English and other language translators offer fast turnover with a guaranteed excellent quality and democratic prices. Topics include oil and gas, finance , medical etc.Russian-English interpreter Dubai