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SIRUS-21 analogue space mission - interpreting press briefing from Moscow.

Got lucky to be a part of SIRIUS-21 analogue space mission start of the 3d stage ("take off") involving Roskosmos, Russia's Institute of Medical and Biological Problems Russian Academy of Science (IMBP RAS), and NASA Human Research Program (HRP). As a part of long-duration international isolation experiment 6 people - 3 men and 3 women, were sealed in a habitat, ground based experimental complex (Наземный экспериментальный комплекс - НЭК) located in Moscow, for the duration of 8 months. The crew : consisted of 3 Russian nationals, 2 Americans and 1 UAE analogue astronaut: team leader Oleg Blinov, Russia, surgeon Viktoria Kirichenko, Russia, researcher Ekaterina Krayakina, Russia, astronaut Saleh Omar Al Ameri, UAE, linguist William Brown, USA, U.S. Armed Forces Space Command representative Ashley Kowalsky, USA.

240 days in isolation. The experiment will study human behavior in confined space, psychological and physical impact of isolation on human brain and body.

As a part of the experiment, the crew will simulate take off, orbital flight, landing and walking on lunar surface, and return to Earth.

The press briefing held in Moscow was broadcasted in the UAE, requiring interpretation from Russian language.

Russian interpreter Dubai.



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